SEPT 27 - OCT 4


10:00 a.m. - BAS Stream on Facebook at 

We want to encourage a sense of community by watching altogether as if we're in Church for the regular Sunday service. You do not need a Facebook account to watch the video: it is public. Just click the link and watch along with your friends and fellow congregants! 

Please click below for the service links:




Many people are indicating they are having difficulty accessing the Facebook Link. If you are having this problem, click on the BAS VIDEO link above.

You can find Virtual Sunday School on the church website or by clicking HERE

September 27 Readings: 
1st Reading: Exodus 17:1-7
Psalm 78:1-4
2nd Reading: Philippians 2:1-13
Gospel: Matthew 21:23-32

Pastoral Care: Please contact Lois Ellis at 403-252-9503 or loisellis[at]shaw[dot]ca for more information.

Office Hours: The office will continue regular hours of 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., Monday - Friday during the fall. 

Anglican Diocese of Calgary Bi-Weekly Newsletter: Can be found by clicking HERE. 

Donations: There are many options for your contributions to St. Peter's. Meredith or Linda can accept your offering between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you cannot get to the Church, Arnold Williams 403 – 251 – 4610 or arnoldegbertwilliams[at]gmail[dot]com will personally pick up from your home. You may have already set up a direct deposit with the forms provided by Meredith.

ACW Calendars: 2021 Church Calendars are available in the office for $5.00. 

Notice from Sam: Please click HERE to read a memo from Sam Re: Notice to Parishioners. 

From the desk of the Interim: We thank George Langley for volunteering to live streaming our service, playing the organ and leading the singing. I thank God for grace and mercy. 

Janitorial:  The Wardens have hired the cleaning service named POLMAX. They have deep cleaned the Church and all our rooms. They will be fogging the Church to ensure no COVID – 19. They even do windows!! Does anyone remember the last time the windows were cleaned? 

Cormack Hall Kitchen: The ACW has made the first decisions regarding the kitchen renovations. The next step is to review the quotations. 

Parish Council: The Parish Council met on Tuesday night, September 8. The meeting was spent reviewing the impact of Canon 13 on the work of the Wardens and Council members. The Retreat is planned to take place in October. Minutes of the June Parish Council meeting have been posted in Cormack Hall. If anyone would like to see the financial statements, please call the office. 

Firewood: Peter Leigh and a group of the men have kept busy chopping, splitting and stacking wood. Now is the time to buy for your fireplace. Stack it high, and let it dry! If you need a full pick-up load for $100.00 delivered, contact Peter at 403-281 – 1376 or pjleigh[at]shaw[dot]ca.

COVID Thank-Yous: 
- to George Langley for stepping up to organize the streaming of the Church services for Sundays, and playing the organ and singing so wonderfully. 
- to Mike Bright, interim treasurer, for working on the finances for the Church almost daily 
- to Lois Ellis, for organizing the excellent lawn mowing, weeding and fertilizing for the Church 
- to Jagdutt, whose work is part-time, but is at the Church most days and is the best handyman we have 

Things we've learned during COVID-19: That today is Tuesday, or maybe it is Wednesday. There are quality programs on TV. Riding the bus is safe. The grocery and drug store floor directions are hard to follow. Business initiatives are different from every store. We are stronger than we thought.

Thought of the Day: Holding onto hatred is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die!