Those who wish to request confidential prayers for anyone are welcome to submit them to:

Providing the names only is fine as we all firmly believe that God knows the person intimately and their problem(s)/concern(s). Please keep in mind that we pray for everything, not just illness or painful concerns. Such as: private blessings received, upcoming job-related meetings, employment, a clearer understanding of an issue, etc. God wants to hear about all that we wonder about, or are afraid of. Since we are important to Him, nothing about us is trivial. Are you in a panic that your partner's boss is coming over for dinner? We'll be delighted to pray with you about it! (believe it or not, God is great at coming up with meal ideas and/or recipes. Sorry, you will have to do the actual cooking and clean up after the meal is over.)

We try to check back monthly with the source of the requests to follow up on the progress of the person prayed for and to find out if their name should be moved to the Thanksgiving list.