Sunday School runs from September to June each year. Meredith works with all children ages 4+ Sundays resuming on September 11, 2022 at 10:00 am. 

Meredith can be contacted at mdelday7[at]gmail[dot]com for more information. 


June 2022:

As Sunday School is ending for a couple of months, I thought I would send a quick report on how it’s been going.

As everyone knows, COVID-19 threw a bit of a wrench into the normal proceedings of Church life. At the start, I was making short videos or podcasts, but it didn’t feel beneficial to myself or the kids. We were supposed to be back in person in September 2021, but with COVID still looming and wanting to keep everyone safe, we began holding Zoom lessons in October 2021. These online lessons turned out to be a success and I had 6 attending regularly. On April 3, lessons returned in-person. However, to accommodate families that were still cautious about returning, and to still have kids attending when they were sick, I still had the Zoom on during in-person lessons using the laptop at the church. My highest attendance during in-person lessons was 11, however there is about 5 kids that come most Sundays.

Lessons begin with a “grateful circle” where the kids go around in a circle and say something they’re grateful for that day. I find this gets them to open up and allows them to share what they’ve been doing during the week. After that, I read a story pertinent to that week’s church readings/gospel and then the kids do relevant crafts and activities. We then finish with a prayer and clean-up time.

I am very grateful to teach such generous and kind kids who allow me to share an hour with them every Sunday. As they get older, they’re asking more questions and have a greater desire to learn more about the lessons.

Come September, I’m hoping to get the kids more involved within the regular services. Some have shown interest in reading and serving. I will discuss this with Jagdutt during the summer, so we have a plan before they return on September 11.

I thank Jagdutt for his support and help during the last few years I’ve been the Sunday School coordinator. I’d also like to thank Lincy Mathew for his help during in-person lessons. Thank you to the wardens and parish for their continued trust in me for this position. And most importantly, thank you to Aiona, Anaiah, Azalia, Eloise, Eto, JW, and Sophie for gracing me with their bright smiles and inquisitive nature every week. See you in the fall!