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Scroll below for more info about Snow Removal, Firewood, and Church Offerings!

Ever wanted to drive a tractor? Have we got an opportunity for you!
Volunteer, on a rotating basis.

Please contact Peter at 403-281-1376 or pjleigh[at]shaw[dot]ca if you wish to shovel snow or throw around some de-icer, use a snowblower, or drive a small tractor as a snowplough as we enter the winter months. 

There's a fire wood shortage!
and St. Peter's can help with that.

Now is the time to purchase so there is drying time. Peter Leigh and a group of the men have been busy chopping, splitting and stacking wood. If you need a full pick-up load for $100.00 delivered, contact Peter at 403-281-1376 or pjleigh[]atshaw[dot]ca


Please contact Meredith or Linda at administratioin[at]stpeterscalgary[dot]ca  to set up a direct deposit with the forms provided by the office.

Office Hours: The Church office is reopening on January 11, but the Church remains closed. The new office hours are Monday - Friday, 9 am - 1 pm. Please only come in person if essential and call or email ahead of time. Masks and social distancing are mandatory. The Church phone number is 403-252-0393. Any additional information can be found on the website or Facebook page.

Please drop-off your offerings in the Church mailbox or arrange a time with the office. If you cannot get to the Church, Arnold Williams 403 – 251 – 4610 or arnoldegbertwilliams[at]gmail[dot]com will personally pick up your donation from your home. 

Thank you for your continued support.