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ACW Calendars: The 2021 Church Calendars are now available and the cost is $5.00 each. If you would like a calendar, please contact Mary Dymond at 403-512-0155.

Upper Room: A subscription to this gives you daily Bible readings and a reflection by various writers. To order, please phone Bessie Romness at 403-281-5514. 

Directory Update: There is an ongoing saga regarding the Church Directory. As of right now, the November 6, 2020 version, is the most current. The computer program seems to have a mind of its own. Over the past number of months since updating the directory in June some names have disappeared, some changed and numerous other problems. I continually check it and am amazed at the discrepancies.
I planned on placing the directory onto the welcoming table when we could all gather back in person to have each family check for accuracy but, we are once again, limited by COVID. This will be something that will happen when we are next together at St. Peter’s. In the meantime - thank you to Meredith and Linda for accommodating all of the revisions and changes. We continue to work on it.
Ann Bright
People’s Warden 

What we have learned from Covid -19: Getting dressed each day - works. We are surviving. The vaccine is on the way. 
Thought of the Day: For in the dew of little things, the heart finds the morning and is refreshed. - Author Kahlil Gibran