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Upcoming Services
February 14 - Last Sunday After the Epiphany
February 17 - Ash Wednesday (planned communion)
February 21 - Lent 1
February 28 - Lent 2
March 7 - Lent 3
March 14- Lent 4
March 21 - Lent 5
March 28 - The Sunday of the Passion, Palm Sunday
April 1 - Maundy Thursday: Foot Washing
April 2 - Good Friday:  Stations of the Cross
April 4 - Easter Day, or The Day of the Resurrection
April 11 - Easter 2
April 18 - Easter 3
April 25 - Easter 4

Rosemary Bishop will read the Gospels beginning Ash Wednesday.
Others will help out with Readings, Psalms, and Prayers of the People.

I would like to try to ask people to have a glass of wine and a piece of bread in front of them and then I will do the Consecration Prayer and everyone can have time in their own space to drink the wine and eat the bread. I hope to try this for the first time on Ash Wednesday. If this works out, I think it will, then we can try it for other services.

What do you think of the idea of having Communion in your own space? If you have any questions please call Rev. Singh or the Office.