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Pastoral Care: Please contact Lois Ellis at 403-252-9503 or [email protected] for more information.  

Prayers: Please keep the Shaw family, Mary Dymond, Tamara Taylor, and Carol Kyle in your prayers.

1. Congratulations to Greer and Jennifer Hendrickson on the arrival of a baby boy - Ruben Julius Greer Michael Maurice Hendrickson. 
2. Please send in reports for the Annual Meeting of Parish Members by January 17 at the latest. The Executive Committee is finalizing how we may have a meeting since we are not allowed an in-person meeting. Our Canons state that for each group that holds funds, a financial statement is needed with the report.
3. If anyone is aware of a tenant for 1003 - 75 Avenue or ways in which we can secure a tenant, please contact the office and have the contact be passed onto the Interim Priest. 
4. Even though we are not open for services we still have bills to be paid for our big and lovely facility, our spiritual home. So we are asking for your continued financial support.
5. The Kitchen is now completed, if you so desire go in and have a browse - and you may feel inclined to make a comment we will welcome it. Please wear a mask inside the building & sanitize as you enter. 
6. Neither the Narthex nor the Cormack Hall floors are being refurbished presently because we need to take stock of our finances and see where we stand financially. Trying to become good stewards we (the Executive) do not want to be in a deficit position nor do we want to deplete our capital funds.
7. A staff member will be back in the Church Office from Monday, January 11.
8. The Parish needs Coordinators in two special areas of ministry: (a) Pastoral Care and (b) Outreach. While these are not active presently we have a need to make sure that our faithful members feel they are connected to and cared for by our Parish. We need a team of people to make sure the ministries within our parish are looked after. (If you are interested please ask the Office what the task involves and we also will be available to speak with you regarding these ministries.) The Interim Priest is willing to consult and pray and work with you to make sure we have the appropriate person for these ministries. 
9. Thank-you to both the Fall Fair Committee for their $3500 donation from their various services, and to the parishioners for their generous Christmas donation of $900 given to the Veterans Food Bank.
10. Mr. Arnold Williams has been elected and appointed to be a board member of St. Peter’s Foundation.