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by: Beverly Nelson

Downsizing can be a rite of passage for many retirees. Although downsizing has become a popular move for many seniors, it can still be difficult to know where to begin. There are many steps and details to consider, and it’s easy for something to be missed along the way, which can lead to stress for retirees. So, what’s the solution? Seniors who use these helpful downsizing resources may find that planning their own downsizing move feels like less effort.

Buying a New Home for Retirement

Senior Care Cost and Aging Care Calculator

How to Get a Mortgage in Retirement

Local Real Estate Trends and Information

What to Consider When Buying a Retirement Home  


Planning a Downsizing Move in Retirement  

How to Hire a Moving Service

What Are Senior Move Managers?

How to Save on Moving Costs  


Finding a Perfect Place for Retirement  

Budget-Friendly Locations for Retirees

Moving Closer to Adult Children in Retirement

Benefits of Moving to a Retirement Community

How to Calculate Costs of Living  


Dealing with the Emotional Aspects of Downsizing  

Why Decluttering a Home Can Be So Hard

Overcoming Emotions That Prevent Downsizing

How to Deal with Empty Nest Syndrome

When to Move to Assisted Living in Retirement

Reach Out to Members of the Church If You Need Help  


From buying a smaller home to overcoming the emotions of downsizing, there is a lot for retirees who are thinking about downsizing to consider. If you are one of these seniors, be sure to read through the information and tips included in this downsizing guide. Taking the extra time to do so could end up saving you a lot of time and stress in the future.  

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