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An Easter Greeting from the Interim: Easter is a Christian Festival and a holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
However, before the joy of the first light of Easter Morning, when we discover with exhilaration that Jesus Christ is risen, and we proclaim, “Jesus Christ is risen today Alleluia.” We experience Holy week, a week of reflecting upon the sufferings of Jesus and our personal sufferings and how we deal with them.
The outer shell of trust and reliability of human friendship has been shattered. Jesus moves away from the garden to a time of trial.
The shell to be broken is the shell of loyalty. Over the Last Supper, all the disciples have proclaimed their unfailing love for Jesus. Peter has gone so far as to declare that he is ready to go to prison, even unto death with Jesus. But Jesus knows that he is still very far from this degree of commitment.
Whenever I read this passage, I remember my own heartfelt promises made to God at my Confirmation, frequently in prayer, during my Ordination, to family and friends, in moments of extreme fervour. And I remember with shame how I have failed to live up to these promises, how I have hedged about my faith when I have been challenged and confronted.
I also remember those whom I am called to serve, whom I called friends and comrades, who have stabbed me in the back or simply gone off to defame me and damage my character and my reputation; those who have let me down when I needed them.
Presently I am facing these challenges, and I want to forgive, but the wounds are still raw, and it is very difficult, and I fail in that too.
Ironically, Peter will eventually follow his Lord to prison and to death.
What heartens me is that Holy Week and the trials of Jesus will come to an end on Easter Day. Secondly, Jesus is not condemning Peter for his failure today but is accepting today’s failure in the light of tomorrow’s growth.
A new and strong light beckons, beyond the darkness of the night in Gethsemane and the cold dark of the tomb, which are the dark tunnels of failure and fear, our insecurities. (Matthew 26: 47 - 56)

Since Easter is Hope, Easter is Joy, and Easter is Love;
May you and yours have a Glorious Easter;
as God blesses you with peace of mind and heart.
He is risen. Alleluia.
He is risen indeed. Alleluia.

The Rev. Jagdutt Singh
April 2021