A Prayer reflecting upon the unmarked graves of Indigenous children of Residential Schools: O God, the Creator Spirit, we come before you in shame and prayer, as we think about the unmarked graves of Indigenous children of Residential Schools.
Give us insight and healing love, discernment and compassion, courage and boundless hope that this may never happen again.
We ask that your healing Light shine upon us. We pray for a way of experiencing your peace which passes all understanding as we deal with the pain and loss, of a child created in your image and an inheritor of your kingdom.
Free us from all hostility and anger, violence and injustice. Teach me to seek you, until I find you Our Saviour and Creator. Until you reveal yourself to me I cannot rest nor let go of the past hurt and pain.
May you, our Risen and Ascended Lord, help me gain trust and faith once more in all our institutions. Amen.

Hymns: Book of Common Praise
Liturgy: Book of Common Prayer & Book of Alternative Services
Priest: Rev. Jagdutt Singh
Readings: Linita Mathew
Prayers: Arnold Williams
Organist: George Langley
Tech: George Langley

Permission to stream the music in this service obtained from One License with license #A-727664